Home & Kitchen Tools/Needs Department


We have curated home and kitchen tools that will make your dining experience memorable. Each one is proven to seamlessly blend your daily lifestyle. Invest in high-quality tools that you can use for many years to make cooking and preparing food a joy.

Candles And Incense
Set the mood and energy in your home with our collection of candles and incense. We have brands from Aloha Bay which uses 100% pure essential oils to Sai Baba which is the world’s largest exported incense and is known for rekindling your thirst for fine fragrance. 

Feast your eyes with our aesthetically pleasing and durable tableware. You can find simple to quirkily designed tablewares from noteworthy brands. *no tableware products yet 

Camp Kitchen
Wander to the great outdoors and get ready with your ultimate camp kitchen experience. We have products perfect for preppers, survivalists, camping enthusiasts, and more.

Kitchen Storage and Containers 
Be the master of organization with these storage containers for your cereals, leftovers, or grains in your pantry. There’s always something that fits any need from Rothco brands and more. We also sell travel mugs for your coffee and water on the go!