Bandanas, Paisley, & More

Sport your bandanas and never go out of trend! These scarfs are easy to wear and pair with any outfit. Our stylish pieces are perfect for any ensemble--- for protective or decorative purposes. We have an insect repellent that will keep bugs off you and non-lethal pepper sprays with maximum effective range.

Accentuate your look with statement bandanas. Be bold and strong with the Rothco Jolly Roger Bandana and Rothco Gun Pattern Bandana or with the two-colored Rothco Gadsden Don't Tread On Me Bandanas. You can even go for fun-patterned Rothco Stars & Stripes Bandanas. 

Camo Bandanas
Blend in style with the camouflage bandanas. Scroll through a large collection of Rothco Large Digital Camo Bandanas in woodland or digital camouflage. If you want to go for a bright and multi-colored look, we also have savage orange, pink, and ultra violet-colored camos. 

Paisley Bandanas
Paisley-printed bandanas are everywhere! You can see it on sandal details, patchwork shirts, and as hair accessories. Rock a stylish bohemian look with the Rothco Trainmen Paisley Bandanas that come in different colors such as royal blue, orange, red, white, black, and more!  

Solid Colors 
Achieve versatility in fashion. Make a smart move with solid-colored handkerchiefs. These bandanas will never go out of style. The Rothco Solid Large Bandana comes in black, white, red, safety green, blaze orange, and olive drab.  

Our insect repellents will shoo off those bugs that can cause allergic reactions and red spots. We also have different types of pepper sprays that you can easily keep in your pockets or bags, such as the Sabre Red Crossfire Pepper Spray and a Sabre Red USA Defense Spray With Pink Hard Case.

Flag Bandanas
Show off your patriotism and fashion sense. Get the Rothco Flag bandanas that come in three designs and colors: Thin blue line flag, classic U.S. flag, and the Subdued US flag bandana.