Rings & Jewelries

Rings & Jewelries


Jewelry has the power to be the one little accessory that makes you look unique. Compliment your basic outfits with carefully crafted vast collections of earrings, rings, bracelets, and necklaces.

Feel extra charming and confident with beautifully designed necklaces. You can choose simple designs such as a polished sunburn, an energetic horse, and a lovely moon accompanied by a playful star. We also have a Tri-colored Gold fancy necklace with faceted diamond-shaped stations. 

Wrap your arms around stylish pieces that can be worn as an ornament, charm, or as a piece to complete your look. We have bracelets for both men and women. Some designs include the 14k Two-Tone Gold Men's Bracelet with Screw Head Motif Accents that radiates luxury and the 14k Yellow Gold Fancy Polished Multi-Row Panther-Link Necklace that exudes dramatic elegance. 

Show off elegance and grace with carefully curated earrings. You can choose from 14K yellow gold earrings, 14k Yellow Gold Intertwined Love Knot Stud Earrings, or add a little texture with the 14k Yellow Gold Petite Round Hoop Earrings with Geometric Texture.

Level up your style with precious rings. It can either be a symbol of promise, an ornament, or a token of authority. Feel elegant and luxurious with the 14k Yellow Gold Polished Four Leaf Clover Ring with Diamond. You can also mix and match two-toned gold with the 14k Two Tone Gold Braid Motif Ring.